Joni Mattchell

by Goose Pimple

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released April 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Goose Pimple Los Angeles, California

Goose Paolo Yumol Pimple Yumol Goose Paolo Goose Yumol Pimple Paolo Goose Pimple Yumol Goose Paolo Pimple Yumol Paolo Pimple Goose Paolo Pimple Yumol Paolo Goose Paolo Yumol Pimple Goose Yumol Paolo Pimple Goose Yumol Pimple Paolo Goose Paolo Pimple Yumol Goose Yumol Goose Pimple Yumol Paolo Pimple Paolo Goose Yumol Pimple Goose Paolo Pimple Goose Yumol Paolo Yumol Goose Pimple Paolo Yumol Pimple ... more

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Track Name: Messing With the Mending Of Wood
Fork the tongue and such
Dig in the hoof
No tail too much

Skin the flightless dove
Marry it to
All the above

Menacing it's venison it's nothing but food

Stressing that it's messing with the mending of wood


Believer in the books
Small in the brain
Big in the foot

Let's be understood
Scale it all back
Don the black hood

Menacing it's venison it's nothing but food

Stressing that it's messing with the mending of wood

Track Name: Thinking...
All right, okay...
Thinking, thinking

What am I thinking about?
Um...I don't know!
I don't know what I'm thinking about.
What am I thinking about?

Um, like...a big...
...a cloud...
Thinking about a coin rolling down a hill...
Thinking about...a frisbee...rolling down a hill...

Thinking about how funny it is when frisbees roll—
They roll sorta lopsided and then kinda get caught rolling into themselves
Like when dogs get stuck like chasing their old own tail
Like a frisbee will eventually—
No frisbee will roll perfectly down a hill
Eventually every frisbee lops of course to the side
Where it then circles around itself
You know?

Thinking about, like, I don't know thinking about...
How a dog...thinking about a dog
Looking at a turtle and getting jealous of the shell
So it goes and finds like a skateboard
And it just ties the skateboard to its back
As if its back were a tail—not a tail, a shell—
Wait, what?
As if its—as if the skateboard was a shell—so that—
But then there's like a comic scene where the dog
Like trips or something
And instead of its shell protecting it
Its shell just causes it to roll further down
Creating some kind of like slapstick, um,
Situation or something like that

Um, thinking about...
Sending stuff into space. Like sending—
I mean I would start with, like, a granola bar
Just like shooting a granola bar into space
And then...
I think I'd try some other stuff
I'd try shooting, like, a comic book up into space
Seeing what happens
Um then just like shooting like...
I don't know, like a thought?
Shooting a thought into space?
I feel like I'm doing that all the time anyway though
I feel I'm always just sending thoughts into space
I mean who isn't in some way, you know?
Isn't that what thinking even is, is just sending a thought into space shooting it as if like through a cannon, and then—

It's funny, I guess that's what writing letters is
Like writing a letter is like shooting a thought or an idea
Out of a cannon
And into you know your neighbor's mailbox
Well maybe not your—not your—
That makes it sound like you're mailing your neighbor
Which nobody does
Nobody would do that
That's the one person you probably will never send a letter to
Is someone who's right frickin just next door
You just walk over there with the envelope obviously and just do that
I don't think you would need necessarily
To shoot anything into space

I guess that's what talking is too
Talking is technically just shooting—you know
I guess that's what shooting the shit is
Um yeah I don't know
And there's also like...
Yeah. Huh I don't really know
What else about space I'm really thinking about at the moment

But you know I'm thinking about other things
Like dragons
Thinking about dragons. Fuckin thinking about—
It's weird how I feel like
Most popular like
Conceptions of dragons
Are like really weirdly sexualized?
Like they'll be like shiny?
Or glistening in some way?
Yeah, I don't know
Just like